Monday, August 13, 2012

Leap Motion's new gesture control system to be used to auto-translate sign language.

Developers eager to be among the first to create applications for Leap Motion's new gesture control system think it could be used to auto-translate sign language.
That was among the details the company released this morning about the initial round of requests from developers to design tools that work with the Leap -- technology that lets users control what's on their computers with hundredth of a millimeter accuracy with nothing more than their fingers or their hands.
The San Francisco company said that in the two months since pulling back the wraps on the Leap, more than 26,000 people asked for software developer kits, including 15,000 in the first week alone. Those developers come from 143 countries, and include 1,500 from university researchers or students.
When Leap Motion first unveiled its technology, it said that it saw the Leap as being ideal for upending industries like gaming, surgery, architecture, engineering, design, and more. But among the most interesting potential applications suggested by the developers asking for SDKs were ideas for using the technology to automatically translate sign language, the company said.

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